I am a trained pianist. Right from the start, I was convinced that the piano was the instrument that I was going to learn. Indeed, I enjoy it immensely to this day.

My musical career has taken shape mainly as an accompanying pianist and catering for the repertoire of lyrical singers at very many recitals and concerts. Another passion of mine is the world of choral singing, as I participate in a number of choirs. As a choir singer, I have sung all manner of genres: symphonic, a cappella, opera, zarzuela etc; these opportunities have not only enabled me to learn from magnificent directors, but also to observe how singers work and understanding their needs. Voice is the most wonderful instrument that exists, but it is also the most complex. It is indeed a privilege to contribute, with my hands at the keyboard, to enthusing life into the emotions brought to the surface by voice.

And funnily enough, I have also accompanied poets – men and women – with my music; it is precisely through the recited word that they skilfully transmit very different, very diverse sentiments.

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